Emma Roberts Just Quietly Went From a Blonde to a Brunette And Cut Her Hair

Her new hair is making me want fall and pumpkin spice lattes again.

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A simple Google search of "Emma Roberts hair" shows clearly that the actress courts different hair colors and cuts like it's her day job. In a matter of months, Roberts has gone from a super short bobmillennial pinkbrunette, and "sunrise blonde". Emphasis on months, which doesn't account for the rainbow of dye jobs and slew of styles she's worn over the years (redhead, platinum, rose—you name it, she's worn it). She can pull it off, and I stan a serial hair changer.

So, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the 28-year-old was spotted walking out of her go-to salon, Nine Zero Salon, in West Hollywood looking like a completely different NOT blonde person. Even though the beaming sun in mid-July might make you think she went warmer and stuck to the blonde, you thought wrong. This new moody, dark brown hue is fall vibes in the best way possible.

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Her chocolate brown color, styled in softly tousled waves, looks slightly shorter than her previous length as well, so she definitely chopped off a few inches.

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(Sidebar: I'd love to steal this entire lewk, but I'd be fine with just the cropped sweater, too in case my secret santa is already out there plotting.)

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Roberts hasn't revealed her new moody hair on Instagram just yet, but thank God for the paparazzi working their magic to snap this new style. My educated guess is that her long-time hairstylist Nikki Lee used her talented hands to create this color and cut, because she's been the one behind many of her recent transformations. Let's bet on how long this switch-up will last. Are you weirdly wanting dark hair again now, too? Same—I'm influenced and blinded by Roberts' beauty. At the end of the day, do as Roberts does, and not give a flying fuck what everyone else is doing. Just because everyone's going blonde doesn't mean you have to. Brunette will never get old, boo.

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