You Need to Try These 5 Ridiculously Pretty Thick-Hair Tutorials


Thick hair hairstyles
(Image credit: YouTube)

Having thick hair is both a blessing and curse—sure, it looks absolutely lustrous and phenomenal on its own, like a sheet of soliloquy-inspiring magic, but, on the other hand, it also increases your odds of being locked away in a tower and being used as a rope ladder by villains. Ugh.

And that’s not even mentioning the styling frustrations, which, if you’ve got thick hair, you already know about: sore scalps, slipping ponytails, too-puffy buns, and chain-like braids, all of which can leave you swearing off updos and hairstyles all together. Until today. Because below are five ridiculously pretty thick-hair tutorials that are super-simple to follow, no matter your skill level or damsel status.

Multi-Braided Updo

If you’ve ever tried to braid thick hair, you know how quickly it can veer into rope-like territory. But breaking your waves our curls into skinnier braids and pinning them on top of one another results in less bulk and a softer look.

Sag-Free Ponytail

Putting your hair in a ponytail shouldn’t require a tutorial, but then again, you’ve probably never had to deal with the sagging that comes with thick hair and a high pony. Luckily, this tutorial makes it easy with some smoke and mirrors—i.e. some hidden elastic bands.

Ultra-Voluminous Pineapple

A super-thin mixture of coconut oil and styling lotion keeps these pineappled curls from drying out or fuzzing up during the day, while the super-think hair band holds it all in place.

Half-Up Crown Braid

A half-up crown braid on thin hair? Wimpy and sparse. But a half-up crown braid on super-thick hair is all sorts of dreamy. And unlike most halo braids that require the dexterity of a surgeon, this updo can be achieved with just a few pinned twists.

Tucked and Pin Updos

Holy curls, Batman. This bookmark-worthy tutorial shows you pretty much every possible way to roll, tuck, and pin thick sections of your hair into surprisingly easy and definitively pretty updos.