Kylie Jenner Is the Latest Celeb to Debut French Girl Bangs

The reality star debuted her new look at the Acne Studios fashion show in Paris.

kylie jenner at acne studios
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Kylie Jenner’s hair journey is a storied one. Because while her jet black, very long strands are a staple, lest we not forget the many colors and cuts from years past. Her part has been situated left, right, center, and sideways. She’s had extensions, shown us her natural, curly bob, and played around with different layers. As for color? We’ve seen The Kardashians star with turquoise tresses, pink hair, a red hue, some caramel—I could go one. Her latest hair transformation: A set of French-girl side-swept bangs of varying lengths. 

kylie jenner with bangs in a red acne studios dress

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The trés chic look was ironically debuted while the beauty brand founder was in France—Paris to be exact. Ahead of the Acne Studios fashion show on Wednesday, September 27, Jenner teamed up with hairstylist Jesus Guerrera to create a new look in honor of the buzzy couture event. The piece-y fringe has a length gradient, with some parts going as long as the base of the nose, and others getting chopped just above the eye. 

Jenner isn’t the only celebrity to embrace this grungy cut as of late. Just last week, Naomi Campbell debuted a nearly identical chop. Zoe Kravitz also put her own spin on the fringe, opting for a baby bang aesthetic at the Yves Saint Laurent show earlier this week, and the one and only Kate Middleton also debuted a set of bangs. 

The overall French girl beauty aesthetic, especially as it pertains to hair, is projected to be Fall’s biggest trend. “The long hair should be slightly feathered, slightly layered and not too flat, similar to the famous look of late actress Jane Birkin,” celebrity hairstylist and brand founder Frederik Fekkai previously told Marie Claire. Pair the shaggy cut with some fringe and you’re perfectly in line with the trend. 

While Jenner might be the latest celebrity to debut bangs, don’t expect her to be the last. 

Samantha Holender
Beauty Editor

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