The 16 Best Anti-Aging Foundations That Will Banish Your Fine Lines

Handy for hiding the stress of the news cycle.

Anti-Aging Foundation
(Image credit: Design by Morgan McMullen)

It's 2020 in America, which means every day is a new opportunity to quietly rest your head on your desk and scream. But although we can't do much about the stress levels causing havoc on your skin, we can do something to tackle the fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging skin you're seeing, thanks to anti-aging foundations. Phew!

That said, we first need to make clear that aging is never a bad thing. You're smarter, have a refined palette after years of trend-trying, and the teenagers you see on the street definitely think you're the coolest. It's just that your skin has seen some things, and it requires a little more tender love and care, okay? Hence, the reason picking up one of these foundations is vital.

Filled with hardcore antioxidants, hydrators, and collagen boosters, these 16 formulas, ahead, really do play down the wrinkles and dark spots that come with aging (or the news cycle) when used daily. As for your blood pressure? Sorry, we can only do so much. So before you reach for the old faithfuls stashed away somewhere in that makeup cabinet of yours, pick up one of these babies, and get ready to see some brag-worthy results.