Get Fuller Lashes Now

My eyelashes are short. I need a that's not too expensive and that will make my lashes look darker, curlier, fuller and thicker. Can you help me?

Anyone who has straight or sparse lashes can benefit from using one of the new lash-curling and volumizing mascaras. Designed with specially curved brushes to grasp and coat every last lash, these mascaras also have special formulas that wrap your lashes with body-boosting particles to give you lasting color. I really like the new Maybelline Wondercurl Mascara -- and it's available at drugstores for under $10. Don't forget that with any mascara you use, the most important first step is to crimp your lashes with an eyelash curler. This will create an instant curl to your lashes and keep them flipped up all day. But be careful: You must curl before you apply mascara. And if you're not sure what color mascara to use, stick with basic black. Unless you're extremely fair-skinned (in which case choose a dark brown), black is a goof-proof color on all skin tones.

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