Sabrina Carpenter Knows the Power of a Good Bubble Bath

She's talkin' rub-a-dub-dub.

Sabrina Carpenter
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I know that bathhouses have been around for thousands of years. But do you think that, perhaps, Sabrina Carpenter actually invented the concept of taking a bubble bath? Crazier things have happened, after all.

Late at night on Wednesday, December 27, the "Nonsense" singer shared an Instagram Story taken from her very own tub. In the snap, Carpenter posed for the camera with one hand (and thus half her face) covered in bubbles. The other hand, I can only assume, was holding her phone...unless someone else snapped the photo?

With her long blonde hair piled in a bun—curtain bangs left out, naturally—the 24-year-old wore only a necklace: the delicate, bezel-set diamond that she often shows in photos.

Sabrina Carpenter Bubble Bath

(Image credit: @sabrinacarpenter on Instagram)

While Carpenter was certainly dressed down, she still looked primped, rocking perfectly shaped brows and a fresh, light-colored manicure. No stranger to some cute and fun nail art, it appears that she's gone the simple route with her nails for the time being. The black-and-white photo suggests a white or pale-pink polish, paired with a short, rounded shape.

The Pennsylvania native didn't caption the photo, instead letting her sidelong glance do all the talking. I have no doubt that fans can pick up on one thousand words there, easily.

In a previous interview with Marie Claire, the former Disney star shared that baths are among her favorite self-care rituals. "I do love a bath. I think baths have been a life-saver to me, and again, music," she shared. "Writing music has been my self-care. If I’m alone and I’m really stressed, I will be at my piano for hours on end."

From an entire bathing ritual to a bath-themed fragrance from one of Carpenter's favorite perfumers and *of course* bubbles, shop some products to elevate your own tub time below.

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