Celebrity Hosting Secrets

Christopher Robbins/Getty Images
"I have guests come over while I'm still preparing, that way it feels more casual." —Zooey Deschanel, (500) Days of Summer

"Set up a blind taste test. Have 20 ingredients in little bowls for a blindfold game. This loosens things up if your guests don't know each other." —Kelly Choi, Top Chef Masters

"Make it a pilgrim costume party and try not to get too smashed." —Betsey Johnson, fashion designer

"I stop by Trader Joe's before a party for great cookies and snacks that I can arrange on a platter and pass off as my own. Then I line the kitchen bar with them so it looks quite impressive." —Carrie Underwood, Play On

"A few days ahead, I make a detailed list with a timetable. It includes things like what time to put each item in the oven—that way I won't forget something small but crucial on the day of the party." —Laura Leighton, Melrose Place

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