Hillary Clinton Wants to Talk Emoji with You

"I'm not a regular candidate. I'm a cool candidate."

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Hip to how the kids like to communicate these days, Hillary Clinton undertook a new initiative to reach millennial voters and your tech-savvy grandmother on Wednesday. The Democratic presidential candidate asked that they express themselves in a native tongue—emoji. 

The overture—which the campaign rolled out on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram because more is more on social media! Woohoo! The Internet!—was extended to promote the college affordability plan that Clinton announced earlier this week.  

People were feeling all the feels. 

Some shared sad faces and winged dollar bills and graduation caps. There were several poop emoji, which remain open to interpretation.

Others were less keen to participate in the exercise. 

But for all the eye rolls and hand-wringing, TBH: The fact that even her detractors use fewer than 140 characters to criticize the stunt proves that Clinton knows where to have a conversation. 

And how to have the last word. 

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