Kate Middleton Gives a Sneak Peek of the Fam's Christmas Plans

Prince George on Christmas is going to be even more squishable than usual.

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Now that it's the last week of November, everyone is getting into the holiday spirit—and Prince George is no exception. While visiting North Wales last week, the Duchess shared that the little fella's excited to start gearing up for Christmas.

She and Prince William were at the Men's Shed last Friday when she was asked if she had started preparing for Christmas with the little ones. "George will be starting to talk about Christmas soon," she said. Anyone wanna place bets on what adorably extravagant gift grandpa Charles will bestow upon him?

During the visit, the royal couple enjoyed tea and cake, and Kate shared that Prince George and Princess Charlotte are "doing really well" and that "Charlotte is getting bigger and getting on well with her noisy big brother."

The royal tots—who are now 6 months and 2 1/2 years old—may be in for some early presents this year, too. Kate was given knitted, woolen sheep (one with a blue ribbon and the other with a pink one) to give to each child.

The visit to the non-profit organization was the last stop of Will and Kate's "homecoming" trip to Wales, where they lived early in their marriage. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were shown several of the facilities and programs that support mental health, an issue that has been important to the royal couple.

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