Channing Tatum Is Just as Into Shirtless Chris Hemsworth as You Are

Who isn't, really?

Getty Images

Just two months after announcing he and Jenna Dewan were getting divorced, Channing Tatum is back to flirting on Instagram—well, with Chris Hemsworth that is. Today, the Thor star posted a series of Instagram photos (ahem, all shirtless) to promote his new movie Bad Times at the El Royale, which comes out in October.

And clearly, it made Tatum feel a certain way, because he just slid into Hemsworth's comments with a thirsty message, like...


He basically took the words right out of my mouth, commenting, "I will see anything with Chris shirtless in a field of flowers. Or Chris looking like Jesus in the rain."

Yes, even Tatum loves a shirtless Hemsworth as much as we do! Happy Friday to us all!

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