Taylor Swift's Calvin Harris Instagram Purge Continues

Only three photos of her ex remain on Taylor's Instagram.

It was Taylor Swift who astutely sang of love, "So it's gonna be forever, or it's gonna down in flames." And yesterday, the flames were aflamin': Taylor took to Instagram to delete Calvin Harris and the digital footprints of his and Taylor's more-than-one-year relationship.

But! Not everything is gone yet. A few stray ones remained on Taylor's page, as of 5 P.M. yesterday when news of her make-out session with Tom Hiddleston broke.

There was the locket Calvin gave her for their one-year anniversary. "3.6.15 One year down! ❤️," Taylor wrote on March 6.

Taylor's Instagram at 8 A.M. Thursday. The locket is gone.

And there was their Fourth of July piggyback shot.

They are the two gone this morning:

Just three traces of Calvin remain on her profile, as of noon today. There is this shot of Calvin making a snowman with Taylor (the only photo of him that remains on her profile):

There is the Rihanna–Calvin Harris "This Is What You Came For" Coachella jacket. (She already deleted the Instagram she posted of the cover art to promote the single.)

As of noon Thursday

And the Calvin Harris photo credit caption here:

(Also on the Instagram chopping block, this Kanye West-Taylor #BFF shot, given Kim Kardashian's latest interview about them.)

Savor these final memories until they are Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind-ed.

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