Did Meghan Markle Just Get a New Haircut?

Meghan Markle just did another surprise royal outing to King's College London—solo, without Princy Harry—and it looks like she trimmed off a couple inches of her now-famous hair for a slightly shorter, sleek look. 

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(Image credit: Max Mumby/Indigo)

Meghan Markle just made another surprise royal outing to King's College London—solo, without Prince Harry—and I spy a styling change for the royal. Per People, as part of an an event hosted by the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), Meghan arrived in a simple black dress and an Aritzia coat with her hair gently curled. Also, I'm pretty sure she trimmed a couple inches off of her now-famous hair for a slightly shorter, sleek look?

It's a little hard to tell, because the image is small and not close up, but I'm pretty sure a comparison shows a difference of at least a few inches. Just take a look at the image from yesterday's meeting:

Now, compare it to the ponytail she was sporting when she got cooking at the Hubb Community Kitchen, with whom she partnered on a cookbook. (Fun fact: that was another unannounced visit—Meghan's apparently making a habit of it.)

The Duchess Of Sussex Visits The Hubb Community Kitchen

(Image credit: Max Mumby/Indigo)

That looks like a shorter 'do to me. (sips tea) (eye twitches a little)

Regardless, the engagement was for a worthy cause. The event consisted of a discussion on higher ed: its importance, impact, and potential improvements. According to the ACU's website, the group discussed "human trafficking and modern slavery, gender equality and inclusion, peace and reconciliation, and climate change and resilience."

Meghan's been incredibly busy these last few weeks. We also just spotted her at a Christmas Carol service with Harry, Pippa, and Pippa's husband, James Matthews. Meghan's hair was back for that event, so it's not clear when the cut happened. Regardless of when she chose to do it, it's adorable, and I bet it's going to cause a spike in shorter holiday haircuts.

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