Why "Comments by Chrissy Teigen" Is the Underrated Celebrity Instagram Account You Should Be Following

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Instagram is a weird and wonderful place. It contains multitudes, and included in those multitudes is a subset of multitudes: Multitudes of celebrities. Thanks to platforms like Twitter and Instagram, fans can contact their favorite celebrities directly and publicly—and said celebrities can answer, directly and publicly as well, which Chrissy Teigen frequently offers a masterclass in.

Oftentimes, even more telling than what celebrities post on their own official social media accounts is what they post in response to what they see on social media. Because celebs, they really are just like us. They're liking and commenting and absentmindedly double-tapping in their downtime. Reading the comments that celebrities leave on other celebrities' posts is a particularly delicious kind of social media stalking. And if you care at all about celebrity comments, there is one woefully underrated and tragically not-yet-verified Instagram you really need to be following: Comments by Chrissy Teigen.

Chrissy is, after all, the reigning queen of commenting on (and just existing on) social media. She doles out perfectly-placed shade like it's a full-time job (in addition to all of her other actual jobs, like being a model, host, author, mother, wife, and daughter), gifting the world with enough gems for the people behind Comments by Chrissy Teigen to update multiple times every day.

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If reading a post from your favorite celebrity is like getting to listen to them tell a personal story at a party, reading their comments to each other is like eavesdropping on a private conversation between two of the most popular people at that same party. Unfortunately, these comments are also easy to miss in the avalanche of posts from other fans and from tweens commenting "Lb" on repeat. Which is why there are entire (and very popular) Instagram accounts dedicated to capturing and sharing the glory of celebs in the comment section, most notably the brilliant Comments by Celebs.

The account captures highlights of Chrissy's Instagram comments:

Her best Twitter replies:

And even digs into the archives for #ClassicChrissy throwback posts that were sent out long before the business of creating social media accounts to document other social media accounts really took off:

Do yourself a favor and follow Comments by Chrissy Teigen immediately.

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