Pippa Middleton Poses for a Cozy, Christmas-Themed Post-Baby Photo Shoot

You'll be Grinch green with envy.

Pippa Middleton Promotes Her New Book
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British socialite and royal in-law Pippa Middleton (opens in new tab) exudes "holiday cheer" in her new photo shoot with grocery and lifestyle brand Waitrose & Partners. Pippa has a side hustle as a fitness columnist for the brand (opens in new tab) and famously wrote about her pregnancy exercise routine (opens in new tab) for her column earlier this year.

The new images, which were unveiled earlier this week (photographer Mark Harrison debuted the first image from the photo shoot on his personal Instagram), are pretty much the epitome of Christmas (opens in new tab) coziness. In the photo, Pippa looks like (opens in new tab) what you'd expect to see if you searched "aspiring Instagram influencer (opens in new tab)" + "December" on a stock photo site—but in a good way.

In the picture, Pippa is curled up on a cozy, cloud-like, overstuffed soda, surrounded by throw pillows and happiness. She's dressed in that casual-chic way (opens in new tab) that only someone as perfectly poised as a Middleton ever seems capable of pulling off, wearing a white long-sleeved t-shirt, olive green joggers, and the most comfy-looking white socks.

"Happy Christmas from me, with a little help from #pippamiddleton," Harrison captione the Instagram picture. Adding all the appropriate credits (and searchable hashtags because this is branded, after all), he continued, "Shot for @waitroseandpartners #portraitphotography #newbaby #healthylifestyle #christmas @missbingmakeup."

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Pippa radiates pure, undiluted joy (opens in new tab) in the picture, which was shared just two months after she welcomed her first child, son Arthur (opens in new tab), with her husband, James Matthews (opens in new tab) back in October.

Pippa's December glow (opens in new tab) is thanks to the love bubble she's sharing with James and Arthur (the new mom hasn't shared a picture of her bundle of joy (opens in new tab) with the public yet) and, apparently, a lot of walking, which she wrote (opens in new tab) about as her post-baby lifestyle tip on her fitness blog for Waitrose:

Lifestyle changes can make a huge difference to body, mind and soul. Take walking—by this I mean brisk, vigorous walking. It could be as simple as planning a regular daily route, using lunchtime to stretch your legs or signing up for an organized walk. Walking gives you time to yourself and to really feel the health benefits, regular power walks at a moderate-to-high intensity will give you those wonderful endorphins—invaluable to staying positive and crunching calories. These exercises will ensure your posture is correct so that you tone up and maximize your workout.

Take note, aspiring Pippas (opens in new tab). Walking, it's the key to looking like the coziest royal of all time. The more you know, right?


Pippa Middleton

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