Kit Harington Spoiled the 'Game of Thrones' Ending for Rose Leslie and She Refused to Talk to Him for Three Days After

The ultimate marital betrayal? Possibly.

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Jon Snow might "know nothing," but Kit Harington sure AF knows something big—specifically, how his long-running HBO hit, Game of Thrones, ends. The thing Harington doesn't know, apparently, is how to keep a promise to his wife and keep his mouth shut about how said hit show ends.

In an interview on the UK's Kiss FM breakfast show on Friday, Harington admitted to hosts Daisy Maskell and Tom Green that he spoiled the ending of Game of Thrones for his former GOT costar and current wife, Rose Leslie.

"She wouldn’t talk to me for about three days,” Harington said of the fallout from the spoiler bomb. "And she'd asked."

Even if Leslie asked about the ending, Harington should have known better than to actually tell her anything. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly last year, Leslie explained—in no uncertain terms—that since leaving the show, she's a hardcore #NoSpoilers fangirl. Not only did she say Harington is forbidden from sharing Thrones spoilers with her, she revealed that she avoided so much as looking at her then-fiancé when he read the final season's scripts out of fear that the look in his eyes might give something away.

In Leslie's words: 

"I for sure ask Kit not to show me his excitement after he has read an episode, simply because I don’t want to read anything in his eyes. I know the anticipation is killing a lot of people, and my God the build-up is fantastic. I can’t wait until next year. So when he’s at the other end of the room and reading the episode, it’s like, no…we are not going to have eye contact for a long time. Go make a cup of tea. Calm down."

During his Kiss FM interview, Harington (thankfully) avoided spoiling the Game of Thrones' ending for fans, but he did touch on how he feels about the highly-anticipated finale.

"I can't really answer whether I'm happy or not. I don't think it's about happy or sad really. I’m satisfied with what they did, but I don't know whether I'll be really satisfied until I see it," he said. "It's quite nice walking around, which will only happen for a few months before everyone's seen it, knowing. I know and no one else does. I know how it wraps up."

Mmkay, Kit. Let's touch base again in May when the series finale has aired.

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