There's a Theory That Meghan Markle Is Running the Sussex Instagram Account Herself

*delves into conspiracy theory*

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It’s time to grab your detective hat, spy glass, and invisible ink supplies, and prepare to finally put those investigative skills you warned everyone about to a real test. There’s a royal family-related conspiracy theory floating around the world wide web, and only you can solve it.

The Instagram account recently created for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex currently stands at 4.6 million followers, and is growing rapidly by the day. Since it was first launched at the start of April, the page has posted snippets of the couple’s engagements and appearances, and has also shared messages of thanks and appreciation on behalf of the Sussexes.

But is it really just 'on behalf' of the parents-to-be, or could Meghan Markle herself actually be behind the social media account? Generally, aside from a few exceptions (like Princess Eugenie, who has a public social media presence), the royal accounts across both Twitter and Instagram are run by a team of representatives for the family, so it would be an unusually personal connection if true.

According to sleuthing royal reporters, it’s definitely possible. In fact, royal editor for ITV News, Chris Ship, thinks it’s “a given” and “pretty obvious” that Meghan is at least writing her own personal and heartfelt captions for the Sussex posts.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, let’s take a closer look at the latest Instagram post on the Sussex account. It was shared as a thank you and congratulations to fans who got involved with the #GlobalSussexBabyShower campaign, which saw a selection of the couple’s favorite charities benefiting from thousands of kind donations in tribute to Baby Sussex.

“Not only did many of you lend your support, you took action… the direct effect your donation, energy, and action made! YOU chose to be part of the collective good, and you have made a real difference,” the caption reads, in a tone that sounds a whole lot like one of Meghan’s past enthusiastic, positive, and eloquent blog posts from her old lifestyle site, The Tig.

But the biggest potential giveaway? The use of the word “diapers”, rather than the more British “nappies.” *adjusts spy glass*

Other royal reporters are also in agreement that Meghan must be having some personal input into the page—if not running the whole thing herself. Victoria Murphy noted that it was "interesting to see the informal and personal tone the #SussexRoyal social posts use, directly addressing the reader,” to which Ship responded: ”I think Meghan has written most of those Insta posts. And good for her. Why should we not expect the principals to do things directly and personally.”

"Should we not applaud her for her personal and direct involvement? Much better than asking staff to do it, no?”, Ship added.

The Duchess of Sussex has previously spoken out on the positive impact that removing herself from social media had had on her own frame of mind. But, with the experience of running her own successful lifestyle platform, and having once been somewhat of an Insta expert, it’s also likely that she might miss her blogging days for The Tig.

Maybe running the official royal account is providing the perfect undercover compromise? THE MYSTERY CONTINUES.

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