Miley Cyrus Got Pink Hair and Went Topless to Wish You a NSFW 'Hoppy Easter'

Bunny emojis necessary.

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Everyone likes to celebrate the holidays a little differently with their own traditions, so while you were probably spending Easter in a wholesome, family-oriented kinda way, Miley Cyrus was marking the weekend in the most Miley way possible.

The star took to her Instagram stories to wish her fans a NSFW ‘Hoppy Easter’, with the help of nothing but a pair of bunny ears, and two very strategically placed rabbit emojis to beat the Instagram nipple ban.

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(Image credit: Instagram)

The totally topless Easter pic, featuring a very naked Miley in an open towel, is actually a throwback post for the singer, that was handily and suitably appropriate for the Easter weekend. Her current long beach blonde hair is instead cut to her old super short, platinum blonde crop, and she’s still rocking the ‘tongue out’ signature pose that’s since been retired from the 'Bangerz' days.

Alongside the topless post on Insta stories came a series of pastel-colored, bunny-themed posts to her main feed, all of which featured some gorgeous cotton candy hair (which she should totally make permanent), along with the necessary rabbit ears and a series of super cute poses.

Later in the day, things got a little more demure when the 26-year-old newlywed shared a glimpse of her look for the ‘Easter serve, Easter service’ (the most perfectly Miley thing she’s ever written). The star covered up just a little for the pearl-clutchers this time, wearing a bright floral Chanel shirt and layered necklaces, one of which featured her pre-wedding initials.

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(Image credit: Instagram)

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(Image credit: Instagram)

Last but not least came an old school snapshot from her Disney days, which saw little Hannah Montana era Miley wearing Easter bunny face paint. She rightly pointed out that it was kind of terrifying, and wrote: “Make sure this is the last thing you see before going to bed tonight”, along with the skull emoji. Cute Easter vibes!

I might try all three of these looks for my family Easter dinner next year and see what happens. My grandma will love it!

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