Meghan Markle Couldn't Make Her High School Reunion, But She Did Send a Lovely Note

She's a little tied up right now.

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  • Following the birth of her child with Prince Harry, Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle missed her recent class of ’99 high school reunion.
  • Instead, Meghan sent a sweet letter of apology in a Kensington Palace envelope which was read by other alumnae.
  • The reunion took place the day before she gave birth to her son, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

    Life is always busy when you’re the Duchess of Sussex (or so I hear), but the past couple of weeks must have taken things to a whole new level for Megan Markle. She and Prince Harry welcomed their first child into the world last Monday, giving birth to a son, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, on May 6. While the Duchess enjoys the precious first moments of motherhood, all royal appearances have been put on hold during her maternity leave—and that includes unofficial events too.

    In timing that’s just typical, Meghan’s high school reunion took place last week, hours before she gave birth, so it makes total sense that she wasn’t able to attend. The class of ’99 celebrated their 20-year reunion on May 5, and while the new mom obviously couldn’t be there in person, she made sure to sent a heartfelt letter to her classmates.

    DailyMailTV reports that Meghan posted a note to her all-girls Catholic school in Los Angeles, sent in an envelope marked ‘Kensington Palace’, to apologize for missing the occasion.

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    One attendee said: “Everyone was disappointed that they did not get to catch up with Meghan given everything that has happened to her. But the whole group was super excited about her giving birth to the first British-American prince, it was all anyone talked about. They were so excited to get that letter from her. She is remembered as someone who is very thoughtful, and to get that kind of attention now that she is a Royal went down really well.

    “Hopefully she will be able to make it to the 25 year reunion and she is welcome to bring Harry and Archie along with her.”

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    It’s no real surprise that Meghan was thoughtful enough to send a note to excuse her absence at the reunion. She’s known to have an affinity for personal, handwritten letters, having penned them in the past for a selection of dedicated royal family fans, as well as magazine editors, and the now-famous letter to her father.

    She even wrote notes on bananas during one memorable royal visit. New bucket list addition: become snail mail penpals with Meghan Markle... Hey, a gal can dream.

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