Katie Holmes Spends Her Weekend Harvesting Grapes for Dom Pérignon

Katie Holmes visited the Dom Pérignon vineyards and helped with the harvest.

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  • On Saturday, after a series of mysterious Instagram posts that seemed to have been taken from inside a moving vehicle on a road trip, Katie Holmes (opens in new tab) revealed her final destination: Dom Pérignon's vineyards in France.
  • The actress first revealed her location with a closeup photo of grapes captioned, "Harvest season" and tagging the famous wine brand.
  • On Sunday, Katie shared a photo (opens in new tab) of herself actually helping with said harvest while basking in the French sunshine. It was gorgeous and envy-inducing.

This weekend, Katie Holmes (opens in new tab) hung out at the Dom Pérignon (opens in new tab) vineyards in France, casually helping harvest grapes for champagne.

In other words: Katie Holmes (opens in new tab) spent this weekend living THE LIFE.

On Saturday, she teased us with a series of photos (opens in new tab) that appeared to have been taken from inside a moving vehicle, leading us to believe that a road trip must be going down.

Never in our wildest dreams would we have guessed that Katie's "road trip" (opens in new tab) was traveling to a French vineyard to help with the harvest season, but that's because we're mere mortals.

Even on Saturday, there were hints that Katie's destination was the Dom Pérignon vineyard, but today she gifted us with a photo of herself (in and of itself a Katie Instagram rarity) helping with the harvest, drenched in French sunlight and looking like a wine-scented angel.


"Thank you @domperignonofficial for the experience of celebrating the harvest season!" she captioned the FOMO-inducing photo.

The envy is real.

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