Everything You Need to Know About Kylie Jenner's Boyfriend Travis Scott

Since the two are expecting their first child together...


This evening, TMZ broke the news that Kylie Jenner is reportedly pregnant with her and Travis Scott's first child. Jenner has been dating Scott since April, but the 25-year-old rapper has been in the spotlight much longer (he's an ex of Rihanna's, even). Here, a quick refresher on Travis Scott:

1) Scott is a very accomplished rapper who has released two albums: Rodeo (2015) and Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight (2016). AstroWorld will be his next release, expected to be coming later this year. Scott is currently on tour until the end of December with gigs across the U.S.

2) Scott's real name is Jacques Webster, Jr and he was born in Houston. Jenner actually went down to Houston with him in April and was spotted on a local mall date there.

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🙏 Phoning home

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He dropped out of college to pursue music. "I went to college at the University of Texas for two years," he told Complex. "I dropped out sophomore year. Every day in college was depressing. I wanted to be an artist. I wanted to do this shit. I wanted to be on an album, I wanted to put out my own shit, I wanted to be on stage rapping at MTV, I wanted to have the best video of the year."

"It frustrated me man, just seeing the Grammys, seeing the VMAs, and I'm in college. I'm like 'Fuck this,' I just had to get the fuck out. It was driving me nuts."

3) Scott's mentor was actually Kim Kardashian's husband, Kanye West, who he described to Billboard as his "stepdad" in 2015. Scott has actually stayed at West's home before, and the two have helped with each other's music. They notably collaborated "Piss on Your Grave" from Scott's album Rodeo together.

Scott with West and Rihanna, who Scott was then dating, in October 2015.

4) Scott and Jenner were first linked in April, shortly after reports went around that Jenner and her ex on-off boyfriend Tyga had ended things for good. They went to Coachella together then.

5) Scott previously dated Rihanna in 2015. Their relationship was reported in September, and Scott himself declined to put a label on it to Complex during their September interview with him. He laughingly told the reporter who asked delicately to not "do [me] like that, man." He did describe RiRi as "creative," "inspiring," and "[his] muse." They were first photographed in August:

And again in October:

Things definitely ended by March 2016 (right around the time Rihanna and Drake were spotted getting close again with the February release of their song "Work") and Scott posted a pretty bitter Snapchat rant about Drake.

6) Scott has already done some pretty grand gestures for Jenner. They've gotten matching butterfly tattoos. For her 20th birthday, Scott got her a giant butterfly pendant and a live orchestra:

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travis scott got kylie a butterfly necklace

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so pretty!

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7) Jenner's sister Kendall has been a fan for years and was spotted at his record release party in September 2015.

Kendall with Travis in September 2015.

She was photographed at his concert again in April 2017:

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