Pippa Middleton Gave Her Taxi Driver a Fake Name to Protect Her Identity

Pippa Middleton lied to a taxi driver and said her name was "Lucy Middleton," presumably to conceal her identity. Lucy is Pippa's cousin.

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  • A London taxi driver recently revealed that Kate Middleton's sister, Pippa Middleton, uses a fake name to protect her identity in public.
  • The driver revealed to the Daily Mail that Pippa called a cab under the name "Lucy Middleton" and hid in a dark doorway while waiting for him to arrive. 
  • Lucy Middleton is the name of one of Kate and Pippa's cousins.

Pippa Middleton would make an adorably terrible spy.

Kate Middleton's little sister has apparently taken to using a fake name in public to protect her identity. This totally makes sense, given the intense scrutiny that the royal family—and even royal in-laws—are under at all times.

Unfortunately for Pippa, her code name of choice wasn't actually that great when it came to concealing her identity. Pippa's new secretive habit—and her not-so-secretive fake name—were revealed by a taxi driver who was called to pick the mother of one up recently.

"She ordered a taxi for Lucy Middleton and kept ringing, asking if I was there yet because she was hiding in a dark doorway," the driver told a reporter for the Daily Mail.

The attempt at going incognito didn't really work out for Pippa, since her famous face, coupled with the fact that she still used her real (and very famous) last name, made the cab driver suspicious enough to investigate after he dropped her off.

And, if you're wondering where Pippa got the inspiration for her not-so-secret alter ego, it's her cousin's name, apparently. The real Lucy Middleton is one of Prince Louis' godparents.

"I later Googled the name and saw Lucy Middleton [Pippa and Kate’s cousin] in a picture with Pippa, and realized it was actually Pippa in my cab," the driver added.

Am I the only one who is actually deeply moved by the fact that Pippa Middleton is a terrible liar? It weirdly gives me hope for humanity.

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