Chrissy Teigen Took Face Masking to an Intense New Level on Instagram

Chrissy Teigen shared a selfie on her Instagram story wearing the Light Salon's BOOST LED face mask, which pledges to tackle wrinkles and increase firmness.

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  • Chrissy Teigen shared a selfie on her Instagram story wearing a terrifying LED face mask.
  • The Light Salon's BOOST LED Mask promises to "reduce wrinkles, boost hydration and increase your skin’s firmness."
  • Want to try it out for yourself? It's available at Selfridges for $425.

Have you found yourself, several weeks into self-isolation, trying out every single face mask languishing at the back of your medicine cabinet? Have you put literally everything you could think of within the four walls of your apartment on your face, and since exhausted all your options? Allow Chrissy Teigen to demonstrate how to take it up a considerable number of notches. Behold, a recent post on her Instagram story:

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Unfamiliar with LED masks and their purported skin healing powers? Familiarize yourself here, since the new crop of products on the market target everything from acne to wrinkles to dullness to dehydration. Teigen's mask is the work of The Light Salon, which offers specialized LED treatments at "facial bars" across the U.S. and U.K. The Boost LED Mask, available at Selfridges, offers an at-home, DIY version of those treatments; it uses red and "near infra-red" light in order to "reduce wrinkles, boost hydration and increase your skin’s firmness."

The BOOST mask looks a little more user-friendly than other LED masks, since it's made of silicon and bends around the wearer's face. Thankfully, it doesn't skimp on the sheer terror quality, which is important, because at least 20 percent of the pleasure of face masks is their capacity to shock and alarm your roommates. Sold? Buy it for $425 from Selfridges.

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