Prince William and Kate Middleton Hint at Prince George's New Obsession with Snakes

    • During the video chat, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge called out Bingo numbers for the elderly royal fans, complete with the numbers' traditional, rhyming Bingo nicknames.
      • When Kate called out 55 with the rhyme "five and five, snake's alive," she hinted that her oldest son, Prince George, has taken an interest in the slithering creature.

        Royal kids: They're obsessed with the same things as kids who aren't going to grow up to rule entire countries. The more you know, right?

        This week, Prince William and Kate Middleton, Duke and Duchess of Zoom, took some time out to surprise nursing home residents in Wales. Will and Kate didn't just pop in to say hi, though. No, they popped in to take on the very important roles of guest Bingo callers—via video chat, of course.

        In adorkable Will and Kate fashion, the Cambridges called out each number along with its accompanying traditional Bingo nickname. These include fun little rhymes, which are quintessentially dorky and wholesome in a perfectly Will and Kate kind of way, of course.

        During one of Kate's turns reading the numbers, said rhyme reminded her of her oldest son, Prince George, and prompted the mother of three to hint at the Future King of England's latest very normal kid obsession: Snakes.

        "George would like this one—five and five, snake’s alive," Kate said when she called out the number 55.

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        Consider that your gift inspo if you're planning to hang with the Cambridge family after quarantines end (let us dream, okay?).

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