Joe Jonas Shares a TikTok That Shows What His Life at Home Is Like With Sophie Turner

Joe Jonas posted a video on TikTok that gave fans a glimpse into the singer's home life with his wife, Sophie Turner.

  • On Thursday night, TikTok users were treated to a rare look into Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's home life.
  • Jonas turned to TikTok to share a very cute, very fun new video of himself and Turner, snuggled up on their couch while casually dancing along to "Pegao" by Omega.
  • The video confirms that Jonas and Turner are a truly adorable couple and gives us a look at Turner's new mom life routine, which clearly includes swaddling herself in blankets like a champ.

We've always just known, on a deep, gut level, that Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner had an adorable relationship at home. Now, thanks to the glory that is TikTok, we have confirmation.

On Thursday, Jonas shared a little home movie to the app starring himself and Turner and co-starring their adorable love and cozy couch blankets. The video itself is simple. It's just footage of Jonas and Turner—who welcomed their daughter, Willa, over the summer—casually grooving along to "Pegao" by Omega. But the details give fans a peek inside the couple's cozy life at home.

There are a few key takeaways that Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner fans can pull from the short clip.

First, it confirms that yes, these two are just as chill and fun as they seem literally every time they leave the house (which isn't often these days). Second, it gives us a rare look into Jonas and Turner's home, which is bright and tidy and also looks cozy AF. And third, speaking of being cozy AF, the video offers a glimpse at Turner's new mom routine, which appears to include at least some time spent swaddled in fluffy, cloud-like blankets on the couch.

As. It. Should.


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