Megan Thee Stallion Shows Off Her "Hottie Bootcamp" Before/After Photos

She’s doing high-intensity boxing workouts and is all about healthy snacks.

  • Megan Thee Stallion is busy with Hottie Bootcamp, and she's already showing off her results one week in.
  • The singer says she's focused on "getting healthier."
  • Megan has been doing high-intensity boxing workouts with her trainer and overhauled the contents of her fridge.

Megan Thee Stallion can't talk right now, she's doing hot girl sh*t. Lately, that means "Hottie Bootcamp," which is her new health journey. And she's sharing it with her fans on Instagram.

Megan is one week into her healthy "Hottie Bootcamp," and she's already noticing results. She wrote alongside a series of mirror selfies revealing her changing bod. "WEEK 1 complete 😝 we got a lil results or whateverrrrr swipe to see the progress."

The "WAP" singer hasn't shared specific goals publicly. For her, "This is about me just getting healthier in general and me seeing how I can transform my body in the healthiest way possible."

Megan kicked it off with an IGTV video one week ago, explaining her plan while lounging on her couch. She wrote: "So Hottie Bootcamp in my house is officially starting! It’s not necessarily a weight loss journey but a health journey 💙 Y’all will be experiencing this with me every step of the way 😝 real healthy girl shit ..."

Then, she overhauled her fridge and got rid of all the "junk." "I like to snack and I like to eat whatever I want to eat. And I just feel like lately, the things that I’ve been eating have been not so good for my body," she explained in the clip.

Meg added a disclaimer: "Throwing out thee junk food 🥺 Today I cleaned out the fridge to the best of my abilities 😂 ps. Untouched food was not shown and I will donate it I just had to show y’all my commitment to getting rid of the junk 💙."

Megan also switched up her workout routine for Hottie Bootcamp. So far, she's shared a seriously intense boxing workout. Her trainer, Tim, put on pads, and Megan punched and kicked her heart out. She was moving nonstop in the video.

It's no wonder she admitted to drinking a gallon (!!) of water.

Jennifer Nied

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