Alex Rodriguez Explained Why He Was Spotted With Ben Affleck's Ex, Lindsay Shookus

Alex Rodriguez attended the birthday party of Lindsay Shookus, Ben Affleck's ex, last weekend—but it turns out they've been friends for 15 years.

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  • Alex Rodriguez attended Saturday Night Live producer Lindsay Shookus' birthday party in the Hamptons last Saturday, and the internet began to speculate they were dating.
  • Shookus previously dated Ben Affleck—who's now in a relationship with Jennifer Lopez, Rodriguez's ex.
  • But it turns out there's a much simpler explanation: Rodriguez and Shookus are longterm friends, and knew each other long before A-Rod and J.Lo even got together.
  • "There is absolutely zero there," Rodriguez's spokesperson told Page Six. "They’ve been friends for 15 years."

The internet erupted earlier this week when news emerged that Alex Rodriguez attended the Hamptons birthday party of Saturday Night Live producer Lindsay Shookus—who also happens to be Ben Affleck's ex. (In case you somehow missed it: Rodriguez recently split with Jennifer Lopez, who has now reunited with former fiancé Affleck.) But while many were quick to speculate that Rodriguez and Shookus were dating, resulting in a very confusing love...square? turns out the reality is much simpler.

Rodriguez and Shookus are longterm friends, his representative told Page Six. In fact, they knew each other long before he and Lopez even got together. "There is absolutely zero there," Rodriguez's spokesperson said. "They’ve been friends for 15 years." Rumor over!

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This isn't the first unfounded rumor Rodriguez has had to deflate since his separation from Lopez. Earlier this month, speculation of a relationship with Katie Holmes began to circulate after A-Rod was spotted leaving her New York City apartment building. But again, there was a simpler explanation: Rodriguez was apartment hunting in the city, and didn't even know Holmes lived there. "They have never even met," Rodriguez's spokesperson told Page Six, with Holmes' rep telling E! News, "She doesn't know him."


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