Britney Spears Just Hilariously Trolled Justin Timberlake on Instagram

OMG, this is amazing.

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Britney Spears went there with her latest Instagram post. She posted a video of herself trying on a variety of different outfits, one of which included a newsboy cap like the ones she used to wear in the early noughties. It's also the look that an actress in a certain Justin Timberlake video was rocking, in an effort to look reminiscent of Spears—a fact that didn't escape the "Piece of Me" singer.

"Thoughts while making this video … Hmmmm something looks familiar …. The hat …. wait I look like that girl in the Justin Timberlake video with that hat in Cry Me A River !!! Oh shit that’s ME !!! I’m Britney Spears ??? I guess I forget that sometimes …" Spears wrote.

Fans were totally obsessed with the star's brand of shady humor. "We love the references calling out Justin," one person wrote. "Omg, queen of shade," said someone else.

It's not the first time Spears has mentioned her ex on social media. She also recently quoted one of his songs, and posted a photo featuring him for Jamie Lynn Spears' birthday. As for Timberlake, he apologized in February 2021 for "failing" Spears after their 2002 breakup, and spoke out in support of her as she spoke out on her conservatorship in June.

In her Instagram video, Spears didn't just transform into the fake 2002 version of herself, though, she also swapped out various pieces from her outfit and added a white coat.

"Oh shit I look like a doctor in this video too though with the white coat … maybe I’M THE DOCTOR … I mean who’s playing who ???" she wrote. "I mean my brother wears that kind of hat … but wait the skirt … I haven’t worn a skirt in forever !!! Am I Britney Spears ??? Psssss HMMM all this time ??? Play on my icons … play on !!!!"

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