MC Cheatsheet: Princess Diana Used in Chinese Lingerie Ad on Anniversary of Death

Tim Graham/Getty Images

Koryn: "A new Chinese underwear ad boldly tries to define 'The Romance of British Royalty.' Princess Diana in lingerie playing the cello while the kid from the Pamper Pull-ups commercial holds sheet music. Classy." Daily Mail

Elana: "Coming soon: Lanvin for H&M?! If this morning's web-wide rumor is true, I might just have myself an Alber-induced heart attack..." The Cut

Anna: "Remember that super-awesome new Cee-Lo song with the vulgar title/chorus everyone was talking about two weeks ago? Well, now the official music video is out, and it somehow manages to be even awesomer than the all-text version. (You can probably watch this one at work, but stick to headphones.)" BuzzFeed

Jihan: "Check out Obama's new Oval Office digs. I have to admit, it's still looking a bit bland." Yahoo

Kate: "Ladies, when choosing which type of maxi pad you're going to buy, do you ever, ever, EVER ask a man's opinion? So, why would Stayfree think that a commercial with a poor man's Old Spice guy do the trick? I'm with the Lemondrop girls on this one: Creepy and pathetic." Lemondrop

Sophia: "Forget everything you know about the female brain! Our gray matter may be more similar to the guys' than we thought. (But don't expect to see me vegging with a beer watching WWF anytime soon)." Jezebel

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