Girl on Wheels: Actress Britt Robertson Dishes on Skateboarding

When she's not starring in movies like this month's Delivery Man, the 23-year-old actress Britt Robertson lets it ride.

Britt Robertson Dishes on Skateboarding
(Image credit: Courtesy of Meredith Jenks)

Britt Robertson with skateboard

(Image credit: Courtesy of Meredity Jenks)

I started skateboarding when: I was 14. I was a super-tomboy. I would hang out with all the guys, and they would teach me tricks.

I fell in love with it because: I got to be part of something, but it was still my own thing. I could do it when I was hanging out with my friends, or go home and mess around by myself.

Goofy (right-foot forward) or regular (left-foot forward)? Both! I ride regular but do my tricks goofy.

Most badass trick: I can kickflip a three stair, which is when you leap off three steps, flip the board, and then land.

Other tricks: Ollie, nose slide, 180, 360, jump—in all combinations. I love making up tricks.

After I got into the sport: I would notice chicks on skateboards, and I would be like, "Ah, they're so cool." Then I realized: I'm like them!

Skateboard count: Five.

Favorite board: The first one I completely designed myself—I bought the deck, the trucks, and the bearings. I wrote quotes and stuff on it, like the skateboarder in Clueless. I'll look at my old board and see what I was thinking then.

When I ride: I can get my head right. You know how some people meditate? This is my version. @realbritt_rob