Dolly Parton Responds to Rumors of Beyoncé Covering One of Her Hit Songs on 'Act II: Cowboy Carter'

Just 17 days left, but who's counting?

Dolly Parton and Beyonce
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It seems like Beyoncé's switch to country music isn’t her final surprise of the year. As if everyone wasn’t eagerly anticipating her upcoming album Act II: Cowboy Carter enough, we now have even more reason to be excited about its release on March 29. (The record's name was announced just today by Beyoncé on Instagram.)

Dolly Parton, the woman, the myth, the country legend, let something slip in a recent interview with Knox News. Parton was asked about rumors that Beyoncé has recorded a cover of “Jolene” for her upcoming country album. 

Beyoncé at the 2024 Grammys

Since her appearance at the Grammys, pictured here, Beyoncé has been heavily embracing country in her look and sound

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“Well, I think she has!" Parton said. "I think she’s recorded ‘Jolene’ and I think it’s probably gonna be on her country album, which I’m very excited about that. I love her! She’s a beautiful girl and a great singer.”

Beyoncé is known to work with the element of surprise, such as releasing two singles during the Super Bowl and making the leap to country music. So it’s hard to say whether she’ll cover this incredible song, or perhaps just use a sample of it.

Parton seems to be fond of the idea and has been in touch with the singer in the past.

Dolly Parton

Parton is an icon in country music

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“We’ve kind of sent messages back and forth through the years,” she said. “And she and her mother were like fans, and I was always touched that they were fans, and I always thought she was great.”

This must have made it even more touching for Beyoncé when her idol spoke out in defense of her transition to country music. Many were criticizing this decision, and one country music radio station in Oklahoma City even denied listeners’ requests to play her song “Texas Hold ‘Em.” 


Her song, "Texas Hold 'Em," made history on the charts

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“I’m a big fan of Beyoncé and very excited that she’s done a country album,” Parton wrote on Instagram. “So congratulations on your Billboard Hot Country number one single. Can’t wait to hear the full album!”

Parton stood by this sentiment when speaking to Knox News.

“A lot of people don’t realize Beyonce is a country girl. She’s from Texas,” she said. “I think we belong wherever we can do good, and her song is number one across every chart in the whole world, I think. So, I mean, who can argue with that?”

Dolly Parton

Parton's latest album, "Rockstar," saw the legend experiment with a new genre, as well

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Beyoncé has become the first Black woman to top Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart when “Texas Hold ‘Em” debuted at the top. Parton is also no stranger to dabbling in different genres. She released Rockstar last year, which is her first rock album, and recently collaborated on a track with Pitbull.

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