Lizzo Gifted Her 2022 Emmy Awards Dress to a Fan Who Asked to Wear It for an Event

My serotonin levels are currently through the roof.

Lizzo at the 2022 Emmys
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Lizzo is, like, the absolute best.

The "About Damn Time" singer has just made a fan very happy, gifting them a dress just like one she wore on the red carpet in September.

Here's the story: Lizzo fan Aurielle Marie, Georgia's Author of the Year, was recently named as one of the Out 100, and was therefore invited to the corresponding gala. One tiny hitch? She had nothing to wear.

Clearly a very resourceful person, Marie took to TikTok to ask Lizzo if they could possibly wear her 2022 Emmys gown to the gala.

"I can't find anything anywhere that is big bitch and red carpet-ready," Marie said.

"And I know you know how it feels to be the biggest bitch in a room, and all the scrutiny and hyper-visibility that comes with that, because I've watched you talk about it, and the audacity that you've marked in your career has helped me step out and be audacious myself.

"And I can't lie, the longer I go without something to wear, the less I want to be there, and that just seems sh*tty."

She then delivered her message: "I just need to know, I gotta ask, can I please, please, please, please wear your dress from the 2022 Emmys, pleeease, bitch, it's my favorite!"


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Although it took a few weeks, the video eventually reached Lizzo, who responded like a total guardian angel.

Marie posted a new video of themself screaming with glee as they made their way towards a giant package, which revealed a tulle gown in fuchsia, essentially what looks like a replica of Lizzo's own candy apple red dress from the Emmys.

Marie tried it on, repeating "shut up" over and over, and eventually breaking down into delighted sobs. It's honestly one of the happiest moments I've ever witnessed in my life.

The author captioned this new video, "i might’ve gotten a few tears on your dress @lizzo, my bad babe! Words dont suffice, and thank you isnt enough. But THANK YOU! I’m speechless. Y’all! A bitch is certified LIZZO SIZED!!!!!! And LOOK AT THIS GOWN! @Out Magazine here i come!"

Screaming, crying, throwing up.


♬ 2 Be Loved (Am I Ready) - Lizzo
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