MUSIC: What to Listen to Now

The Dance Album: Sound of Silver, James Murphy (DFA/Capitol Records)

At long last, an appropriate occasion to wear your leggings and Vans-an LCD Soundsystem dance party! James Murphy's newest collection of punky electronica reminds us why he's our favorite party starter: He doesn't substitute beat for depth.

Download: "North American Scum"

Worth a Revisit: Call it "dance dance evolution": Cue a little Hot Chip, follow with LCD.

The Neo-Soul Throwback: Luvanmusiq, Musiq Soulchild (Atlantic)

After a three-year hiatus and a label change, Musiq "Onewordalbumtitle" Soulchild is back with his fourth disc. The boy with the wicked falsetto croons about real love one minute and picking up ladies on the street the next (um, we might know why you're having love problems, Mr. Soulchild), and, in a refreshing twist, male insecurity.

Download: "Buddy"

Worth a Revisit: Classic Philly soul that's hard to tire of: Jill Scott and Musiq; perfect together.

The Wild Card: Armchair Apocrypha, Andrew Bird (Fat Possum Records)

Bird is back-Andrew Bird, that is. His latest genre-buster offers up more violin-laden indie rock of the thinky, soaring variety. A must for anyone who's worried her playlist is all starting to sound the same.

Download: "Fiery Crash"

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