Don't Mess With Texas: A SXSW Preview Play List

[Photo: The Morning Benders; Credit: Brooke Sheridan]

If March Madness conjures up visions of slam dunks and free throws, then stop reading this now. But if you instantly think of Austin Texas, then by all means read on. In a few short weeks the music industry will flock to the heart of our countries second-largest state for the annual South By South West music conference (SXSW). Historically there is an enormous amount of great music to peruse and ponder, and this year is no exception. So before the always inconclusive verdict on "what's hot and what's not" is delivered to you in early April by the delusional powers that be, here are the artists that should be on your iPod before "The Madness" even begins. (SXSW Music Conference - Austin, TX. March 17-21).

WE WERE PROMISED JETPACKS / It's Thunder and It's Lightning / These Four Walls

FREELANCE WHALES / Generator 2nd Floor / Weathervanes

KITTENS ABLAZE / Gloom Doom Buttercups / The Monstrous Vanguard

EFTERKLANG / Modern Drift / Magic Chairs

TWIN SISTER / Ginger / Vampires With Dreaming Kids

THE MIDDLE EAST / Blood / The Recordings of the Middle East

ANYA MARINA / Satellite Heart / New Moon Soundtrack

THE MORNING BENDERS / Promises / Big Echo

NICO STAI / Scream / The Victory of Miss Friday…


Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson is the founding partner of Sixteen 14 Global, an independent music and entertainment company based in Los Angeles and London. His clients include Paramount Television, Warner Bros. Television, Sony Pictures, EMI (UK), The Naim Labels (UK), The Local (UK), Back Yard Recordings (UK), Kipling Media, Lower Mars Gaming, and various artists worldwide.

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