Miley Cyrus Gets Mouthy for MTV Unplugged

She joins the MTV Unplugged ranks of Jay Z, Adele, Nirvana, and Eric Clapton.

The barely-there clad Bangerz singer Miley Cyrus gave some toothy face for her upcoming MTV Unplugged promo photograph. The 21-year-old pop star is photographed a la Gaga wearing oversized false teeth, a silver bra (or are those pasties we can't tell), a floppy hat, and yellow necktie.

MTV Unplugged is quite the honor. Since its inception in 1989, it has featured artists from Elton John to Fiona Apple, stripped down to acoustics. The episode could shine a different light on Cyrus, who despite the twerking escapades and scandalous outfits, is a talented singer. We're hoping for a heartfelt performance sans the booty shaking and oversize stuffed bears.

We're looking forward to seeing the artist strip down — her sound — on MTV on January 29th at 9PM.


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