George Clooney Vows to Help Hillary Clinton in "Any Way He Can" with Her 2016 Campaign

That's a big get for #TeamHillary.
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It seems there's a woman George Clooney thinks the world of, and no, we're not talking about Amal. In an interview with Fusion, the actor voiced his support of Hillary Clinton for the 2016 presidential campaign, saying that she was a "tremendous" candidate and offering to aid her however he could.

"I know her and I think the world of her and I think that I would be very happy if she was president," he told Jorge Ramos. When asked about helping her, he responded: "Whatever she wants. In whatever way I can help."

This is good news for Hillary, as advisers have set her fundraising goal at $100 million. In 2012, Clooney threw a fundraising event for President Obama, which raised $10 million for the campaign. Better get party planning, Team Hillary.

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