Oh, You Don't Know the Kanye Classic "Butterscotch Man?" Melissa McCarthy Will Rap It for You

"Tater tot yam."

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It sucks that poor, overlooked Sookie was passed over for the Gilmore Girls Netflix revival, but their reasoning was pretty much that she'd gotten too famous for them doing movies and fun, famous-people stuff like hosting SNL when Kanye "Loose Cannon" West is the musical guest. Which is not completely untrue.

In the new promos for this week's episode, Melissa McCarthy and Vanessa Bayer get manis at Tenoverten (we'd recognize that polish wall anywhere) as the former makes dad jokes and raps the, um, suggestive lyrics to the long-lost Kanye track "Butterscotch Man."

Whatever stunt Yeezy pulls in honor of T.L.O.P. (meaning now known), you know she'll be ready. 

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