Cameron Diaz's Thoughts on Drew Barrymore's Divorce = The Definition of Friendship


Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Drew Barrymore recently announced her divorce (opens in new tab) from Will Kopelman (still not over it), and—according to fellow Charlie's Angel Cameron Diaz—has been surrounding herself with girlfriends for support.

"Everybody pulls the wagons around [for] our friends, whoever needs us at whatever point in time," Diaz told Any Cohen during his Sirius XM show, Radio Andy (opens in new tab). "Even if it's something that the public doesn't know about. Internally we're all going, 'Okay, who needs us now?'"

Diaz was a bridesmaid in Barrymore and Kopelman's wedding, and has remained close to the couple (because duh, Angels for life). "We've been in this industry for a really long time together, and that's a feat," she said. "To have people that you've known for that long, those are real relationships, real friendships. We've gone through a lot in life together. As you get older you start to lose people in your life, and when you lose people in your life, you have less of a purpose. So it's really, really important to stay engaged."

Sounds like Cameron Diaz is a sister-friend of the traveling pants level proportions.

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