Maisie Williams on the Joy of Wearing Sacks on 'Game of Thrones,' Plus Jon Snow's Fate

"What about Arya??"

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If you were Maisie Williams, you would be tired too. Tired of fans begging you to reassure them that Jon Snow isn't dead (opens in new tab). Tired of people not inquiring after your blindness. Tired of bros named Ryan asking you to recite your character's hit list but with their names in it.

It's a wonder she's still so nice.

"People ask me all the time, and I'm just left wondering 'What about Arya?'" she said whilst wearing a precious Vivetta collar during an equally charming interview with Seth Meyers. "I'm like 'No one wants to hear about Jon Snow (opens in new tab). There are loads of other really exciting storylines that are going on on the show.'"

For instance, did you know she has to wear 16-millimeter thick contact lenses (ouch)? And swing at people with sticks while she does it? SO INTERESTING. To hear Williams make the case for Arya and dressing in sacks, watch the video below.

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