North West's Unimpressed Face Backstage at 'Cats' = Iconic

Meanwhile, Aunt Kourtney had the time of her life.

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Probably because she caught on that this was one of those children's activities the adult chaperone secretly wants to do, North West, arguably the Kardashian with the most discerning taste, turned up her nose at the cast of Cats during a meet-and-greet. It was epic.

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While Kourtney made a "grrr" face and made her hand in the shape of a paw, and Mason and Penelope were both like "eh," the budding lemonade mogul didn't hold back with a dead-eyed stare to rival Miranda Priestly's.

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lmao Northy

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Maybe she'd have a different reaction to going backstage at the Frozen musical, eh?

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