Jimmy Fallon Gives Hillary Clinton *Actual* Softballs on 'Tonight Show,' Wears a Surgical Mask

Also, a photo of Putin in a heart-shaped frame made an appearance...

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Jimmy Fallon recently faced criticism for his softball interview with Donald Trump, and responded in the most Fallon-y way ever. By serving Hillary Clinton actual softballs (plus a framed photo of Putin and a copy of Pink Floyd's The Wall) as part of a "gift bag" left by Trump.

"Oh no, that was my gift to him," Fallon explained. "That's what I gave him. I'll give them to you later in the evening."

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Other things that happened during Hillary's appearance? Let's see, Fallon chose to greet her wearing a surgical mask (har har har)...

Hillary chatted about bigotry and the birther movement (lookin' at you, Trump!)...

She read some adorable letters from kids (literal quote from a concerned young citizen: "cut your hair now")...

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And, most notably, she spoke about balancing seriousness and positivity—a struggle she says is especially tricky for women...

BTW, as much fun as watching Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on The Tonight Show is, both candidates will appear on stage in their first debate on September 26 where (hopefully) the questions will be the opposite of softball. Be there or be square. Also #vote!

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