Cute Couple Moment: Kristen Stewart's Directorial Debut Is Scored by St. Vincent

#RelationshipGoals, obviously.

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Kristen Stewart and St. Vincent (AKA Annie Clark) have taken their rumored relationship (opens in new tab) one step further! Which is an incredibly dorky way of saying they worked on a movie together.

Stewart is making her solo directorial debut (opens in new tab) at Sundance Film Festival in January, where her short film Come Swim is scheduled to air. And if that isn't thrilling enough for you, the movie is scored by Clark, one of the most talented musicians in the game.

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Come Swim was both written and directed by Stewart, and stars Josh Kaye and Sydney Lopez (both new to acting). Apparently, it's "a diptych of one man's day; half impressionist and half realist portraits."

Sounds cool, so go ahead and file under "must watch."

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