Naomi Watts Has Moved on from Liev Schreiber with a Famous Costar

Here for this relationship.

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You might recall that Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber's 11-year relationship was one of the many celebrity dating casualties of 2016 (opens in new tab), but the star has moved on with one of her very famous costars. Watts is reportedly dating Billy Crudup, who she worked with on Netflix's new show Gypsy.

Multiple outlets report (opens in new tab) that the pair are dating, with one source saying they "looked happy and were laughing a lot" at a lunch. You know what they say: the couple who lunches together, stays together. Or something!

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When it comes to Watts' relationship with Schreiber, she recently had this (opens in new tab) to say: "There are good days and bad days and Liev and I are on great terms and we're trying to do our absolute best for the sake of the children and we hope to keep moving forward in that way."

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