More Than 5,000 Artifacts from the Actual Titanic Are Going Up for Sale

Including a bottle with perfume *still inside.*

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Aside from being the best movie of all time (side note: there was so room on that raft), the Titanic is a national tragedy where hundreds of people lost their lives—and now their belongings are going up for sale.

Premier Exhibitions is selling 5,500 artifacts from the ship—including a bronze cherub featured on the staircase, a sapphire ring, and rights to any future expeditions. And yes, you better believe James Cameron is bidding—and he should probably hit the bank considering the collection is worth a reported $218 million.


"Jim is dedicated and has a certain passion for the site," oceanographer David Gallo (who visited the Titanic site in 2010) tells the Los Angeles Times. "He would really like to see the collection stay together." Fair enough.

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Other artifacts up for grabs include letters and "personal items" of the passengers on the ship, as well as a perfume bottle with perfume still inside.

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