Top 10 Things We're Most Excited About for Awards Season

We've compiled a list of our most anticipated moments, from the red carpet to the very last after-party.

Grab your popcorn, y'all! Sunday's Golden Globes marks the start of the 2013 awards season, and with this year's crop of above-excellent movies, it's sure to be nothing less than legendary. We've compiled a list of our most anticipated moments, from the red carpet to the very last after-party.

1. Tina Fey + Amy Poehler = Golden Globes perfection. Our fave funny BFFs first won our hearts during SNL's Weekend Update, and we can't wait to see the escapades these two present during their hosting gig.

2. More hilarious Jennifer Lawrence interviews. This glamazon-meets-goofball gives the funniest interviews in Hollywood (case in point: "I go to the interviews and I'm like a chihuahua! I'm shaking and peeing!"), which we can expect plenty of thanks to Silver Linings Playbook's multiple nominations thus far.

3. Seth MacFarlane rocking it during his Oscar hosting gig. If only evidenced by how hard we consistently laughed during Ted, we can't wait to see what funny guy Seth MacFarlane brings to the Academy Awards on Feb. 24.

4. Jessica Chastain's Zero Dark Thirty noms. Our December cover girl received a Golden Globe nod for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture, and we expect the noms to keep rolling in as awards season progresses.

5. A moving performance by Frank Ocean. He got a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist, and we're hoping the cool kid rolls up to the show in his signature bandana. Plus, how sweet and moving would his acceptance speech be?

6. James Bond's Academy Awards tribute. A montage, honoring 007's 50th anniversary, will be included in this year's Oscars show despite the fact that no Bond film has ever been nominated. We're looking forward to the well-fitting suits, our favorite Bond girls, and some "shaken, not stirred" action.

7. "Argo f*** yourself!" makes its first red carpet appearance. The unofficial catchphrase for Ben Affleck's Argo has made its way from the theater to the internet meme world. We're keeping our fingers crossed that Ben says it himself to a pesky red carpet reporter prying about his personal life.

8. An actually good acceptance speech from Anne Hathway. The actress' portrayal of a starving Fantine in Les Misérables has received all kinds of buzz. We're hoping that, in the case of a likely win, she delivers a speech that makes her a bit more likable than a random Google search would have you believe. She's got some serious acting chops, after all.

9. Yet another red carpet gimmick from E!. E! debuted a mani-cam at the 2012 Emmys which shone an appropriate spotlight on the current nail art craze. The year before, it was a stiletto cam. As for this season, will we see a booty cam for the likes of Sofia Vergara? Stay tuned.

10. The after-party pics. Cue FOMO in its most severe state. We would do horrible, embarrassing things to chat up Lena Dunham, George Clooney, and Meryl Streep in one conversation.