Lindsay Lohan Cashes In With Oprah Partnership

Since Amanda Bynes has recently taken the title of the Reigning Queen of Child Stars Gone Crazy, the heat's been taken off Lindsay Lohan for the past few months while she's been in rehab to avoid jail time. LiLo may have spent the past few months out of the public eye, but she's about to be back in the spotlight. According to the star's fame-craving mother, Dina, Lohan is pairing up with Oprah Winfrey in a big way. Not only has the mogul scored Lohan's first post-rehab interview, they'll also team up for an eight-part docu-series in which Oprah will act as life coach during Lohan's segue back from the world of rehab.

Don't think that the only thing Lohan is getting out of this deal is guidance from one of the world's most successful females: She's getting $2 million, as well as two full-time assistants and a stylist as part of the package. Viewers will be able to tune into the interview this August, but the wait is a little longer for the docu-series: Expect it next year.

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