The 12 Drakiest Selfie Faces Drake Made in 2016

So nuanced.

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A picture is worth a thousand words, but a Drake selfie is worth a thousand feelings. Especially during 2016, which he spent oscillating between the highs of his album Views going quadruple platinum/garnering eight Grammy nominations and the all-time low of losing Rihanna (our condolences, Drizzy). But whether he's courtside-at-a-Raptors-game happy or "Marvins Room" sad, you can rest assured that he's serving face in front-facing camera mode. For your viewing your pleasure, we present to thee a retrospective of Drake's poutiest, most telling selfies of the past year.

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1 December 3rd

In a Bentley.

2 December 2nd

With #VIEWS.

3 December 2nd

In a Bentley sweatshirt.

4 October 22nd

In the dark.

5 June 2nd

On a couch, in an OVO sweatshirt.

6 May 30th

Out to dinner with the squad.

7 May 30th

With his dad, Dennis G.

8 March 20th

With the squad.

9 February 24st

In the club.

10 March 5th

In the studio.

11 January 21st

In the studio.

12 January 12th

On a couch with a fur throw.

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