Prince Harry Is Reportedly “Laying Low” to Not Upset the Queen

TBD what this means for his fiery forthcoming memoir.

prince harry
(Image credit: Getty Images)

The last year has undoubtedly taken a toll on the royal family. With the background of the Covid pandemic, there was also drama in all corners—Harry and Meghan were unable to visit the rest of the family because of security fears (and reported feuding among the relatives), there was the Queen’s health scare, the passing of Prince Philip, and the ongoing scandal caused by the sex abuse allegations against Prince Andrew.

With all of that going on, plus the Platinum Jubilee, Prince Harry has reportedly decided the Queen needs a bit of a break, according to royal expert Katie Nicholl, who spoke to Closer about the decision. She explained that, while Harry has a bit of a history of lashing out at the burden of being a monarch when he gets overwhelmed, he is making a conscious effort to stay mum on the subject this year. “Whether Harry has regrets or not, I don’t know, but what I do know is that he has a history of lashing out at the establishment before. He’s talked about his ‘accident of birth’ and the ‘burden of the crown.’ He’s been critical in the past, but then goes quiet,” she said. “I think since last year he’s paused and reflected. And he’s realized how much last year took a toll on his grandmother, and doesn’t want to cause any more upset, so is laying low for now.”

This would track with what we know about the close relationship between Harry and his grandmother. While tensions grew between the younger royal and Prince William and Prince Charles, Harry kept a soft spot for the Queen. (Recall that Harry reportedly panicked after her overnight stay in the hospital—and allegedly felt very snubbed by his lack of mention in her Christmas address.) 

Nicholls also remarked that there will be a reunion of the brothers, and their wives, during the Platinum Jubilee—and Kate Middleton may be the main reason it goes smoothly. “There will no doubt be awkward conversations and briefings and discussions on how to handle Harry and Meghan’s return. Who knows whether they’ll play a part in the Jubilee? But I believe Kate will be a real key player in making peace with Harry and Meghan, even if it’s for show and just for the Jubilee,” she said. “Tensions are high but Kate will do what she can to heal the rift.”

She also added, “I know this year Kate and William—and Harry and Meghan too—will want to make things as easy as possible for the Queen.”

Of course, this plan leaves open the question of what Harry’s reportedly fiery memoir may say about the family, particularly Prince Charles. While no one knows what it may contain just yet, there royals are reportedly bracing themselves for a highly critical portrayal. Then again, maybe those rumors that Harry planned to delay its release could have been in keeping with the “keep calm, have a Jubilee” plan they seem to have in place. Only time will tell. 

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