Selena Gomez Quit TikTok Following Hailey Bieber Drama

Oh, boy.

Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez at the 2022 Academy Museum Gala
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Selena Gomez is taking a break from TikTok.

I'm equal measures happy for her that she's protecting her peace in this way, and sad because she truly is the queen of that platform—she's always being super candid about her mental and physical health, her body image, and the amount of f**ks she gives about her haters (you guessed it, it is zero).

Unfortunately, it looks like it was all getting a bit too much for the multi-hyphenate star: She recently got embroiled in a bunch of celeb drama on the platform, and she took to TikTok Live to announce she was taking a break, shortly before deactivating.

"I'm very happy, I'm so blessed, I have the best friends, the best fans in the whole world and I just couldn't be happier. I'm good," she said (via Pop Base).

"I love the way I am I don't care, I'm big, I'm not, I don't care. I love who I am. And yeah, I'm gonna be taking a second from social media, because this is a little silly. And I'm 30, I'm too old for this, so... but I love you guys so much! And I will see you guys sooner than later, I just... I'm just gonna just take a break from everything."

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Gomez' Instagram is currently still active, but she wrote on her latest post, "taking a break from social."

For years, the star didn't run her own Instagram account to protect her mental health, relying on her team to run it for her. In recent months, she has been behind her own posts and captions again, but apparently won't be for a little while now.

While Gomez didn't call the situation out directly, it seems she is taking a break from social media following drama involving Hailey Bieber, Kylie Jenner, and Taylor Swift.

Here's a refresher: Gomez recently admitted she had accidentally over-laminated her eyebrows on TikTok Live.

Hours later, Kylie Jenner took to Instagram Stories to share a selfie with the words "this was an accident ????" written across her eyebrows, as well as a screenshot from a FaceTime conversation between her and Hailey Bieber in which both women are zooming in on their eyebrow area.

Gomez fans immediately hypothesized that Jenner was openly making fun of Gomez, but the Kylie Cosmetics founder denied this theory, with the Rare Beauty founder backing her up.

Although this should have quashed rumors of beef between the stars, more (kinda unrelated) drama ensued.

A video of Hailey Bieber apparently shading Taylor Swift's music resurfaced on TikTok, with Gomez soon coming to her pal's defense, writing, "So sorry, my best friend is and continues to be one of the best in the game."


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As you can imagine, commenters on all of the content mentioned above had thoughts about the whole situation, some supportive of Gomez and others very much not, so it's not hard to understand why she would want to tune out of it all for a bit. I would.

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