Taylor Swift's Squad All Showed Up With Messages and Photos For Her 34th Birthday

...and John Cena?

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift Instagram
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Yesterday was Taylor Swift's 34th birthday, or as Gigi Hadid put it, "Happy T-Day!!"

It's been quite the year for Swift, as she was named TIME's Person of the Year, broke a Guinness World Record with her Era's Tour, and broke up with actor Joe Alwyn only to start dating Travis Kelce, the tight end of the Kansas City Chiefs. Oh, and she turned 34 in style!

Ahead of her birthday celebrations last night, which included familiar faces like Blake Lively, Sabrina Carpenter, and Selena Gomez, many of her squad members took to Instagram to share their love for the singer-songwriter.

Her bestie in style, Gomez, shared a selfie of the two of them, seemingly taken in a bathroom mirror. It shows Swift planting a big kiss on her friend's cheek, and from Gomez's outfit, we can gauge that it was taken on a recent night out of the pair.

Gigi Hadid shared a throwback to a group photo of herself, Swift, and more friends. Fans were quick to point out that this was the night Swift was seen interacting with Matty Heally of The 1975, whom years later she would date briefly.

Ice Spice, who was recently featured on Swift's song "Karma", also posted two Instagram stories. These were concert shots of the pair, and the first caption read, "Everybody go say happy bday to Taylor Swift." You don't need to tell me twice!

Keleigh Teller, who seemed to grow close to Swift when her husband, Miles, was featured in the "I Bet You Think About Me" music video, also did a shout-out on Instagram. She shared a photo of the group toasting champagne glasses, with the caption, "Happy Birthday my dear one" with a heart emoji and tagging Swift. The Tellers were also present for the birthday party last night and dinner the night before.

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Unfortunately, there was no post from one of Swift's besties, Lively, and her husband, Ryan Reynolds. But they were out with Swift last night, and I have no doubt they made her feel very special. Reynolds recently posted an edited image of himself and Swift's boyfriend, Kelce, so he likely had something funny up his sleeve for the day!

There were also no public posts from Kelce for Swift, but he was planning to throw her a huge party, so we hope to see more of that soon.

Surprisingly, one non-squad member took to Instagram to celebrate Swift's birthday, and it's not who you would expect. Actor John Cena shared a photo of Swift performing with no caption. It's unusual, but I love any attention for her!

Deliveries were also arriving all day at Swift's New York apartment, including many bouquets of flowers and other gifts. Let's hope that Kelce got her something very good for the special day! I'm sure jewelry would suffice...

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Taylor Swift deliveries

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Taylor Swift deliveries

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