Evil Kermit Memes Are Taking Over the Internet

Me: Wow this is a really healthy relationship. I really like this person. My Mind: Ruin it.

Remember Kermit "But that's none of my business" memes? Yeah, they're over now. The new Kermit meme wave features a screenshot from Muppet's Most Wanted when good Kermit faces his evil twin Constantine for a meeting of the minds. According to Know Your Meme, it all started on November 6th when Dried Apricot Hater tweeted posted a Kermit meme about the relatable urge to steal a cute dog.

Over 22 thousands retweets later, #EvilKermit has taken over the internet (giving Joe Biden a run for his money). #EvilKermit wants you to indulge the urge to ruin healthy relationships, turn opinions into podcasts, and kick ice under the fridge. I.e. #EvilKermit is all of us.

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